B31.3 For Welding Supervisors and Inspectors

Course Overview

This course will familiarize Welding Supervisors and Inspectors with the correct inspection requirements for oil and gas transmission pipelines, processing piping and related steel structures. At a general level, the course will cover key topics relating to the scope of the standard with respect to welding and inspection, use of applicable tables and charts to determine correct inspection methods, and the correct fit-up and inspection of critical welded components as they relate to to the safe operation of oil and gas related piping and structures. Specifically, students will gain knowledge of, and be tested on, key topics.

Key Topics in this course:

B31.3 Chapter 1 - Scope and Definitions

  • Responsibilities of the Owner, Designer, Manufacturer, Fabricator and Erector and Owners Inspector
  • Scope and application of the standard
  • Definitions and appendices

B31.3 Chapter II 鈥 Design

  • Definition of design pressure and temperature
  • Weld joint qualification factors: basic and increased. Table A-1B and Table 302.3.4.

B31.3 Chapter III 鈥 Materials

  • Listed, unlisted, unknown and reclaimed materials
  • Impact testing 鈥 specimens, test temperatures, acceptance criteria and retests

B31.3 Chapter V 鈥 Fabrication, Assembly and Erection

  • Fabrication processes 鈥 welding, preheating, heat treatment, bending and forming, brazing and soldering
  • Welding responsibility, qualifications, performance and procedure qualification and records
  • Filler metal, backing materials and consumable inserts
  • Preparation for welding and alignment
  • Welding requirements
  • Branch connections and welding details
  • Preheating and heat treatment requirements
  • Bend and forming requirements.

B31.3 Chapter VI 鈥 Inspection, Examination and Testing

  • Definition of inspection and examination
  • Responsibility for inspection and qualification of the Owner鈥檚 Inspector
  • Examination requirements and acceptance criteria. Table 341.3.2
  • Defective components, progressive sampling
  • Extent of examination: 100%, random, spot, random spot
  • Types of examination: visual, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, radiography and ultrasonics
  • Extent of examination for different conditions and service
  • Leak testing

B31.3 Chapter IX 鈥 High pressure piping

  • Acceptance criteria for different types of imperfection 鈥 Table K341.3.2

Additionally, this course may be useful for students preparing for formal code endorsement and inspection qualifications. If you are already certified to the CSA W178.2 Standard, you can use this course to refresh your understanding of the current W178.2 code, or prepare for examination on additional endorsements.

Students must bring a current copy of the B31.3 standard to the course.

Upon completion of the course all students will receive a Certificate of Attendance. The certification/code exams are not included in the course.

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