Learning Resources

CWB Learning Resources supports thousands of welders, metal fabricators, educators, inspectors, and supervisors to achieve their educational goals.

Content can be integrated into established programs or used to build and deliver new programs. CWB Learning Resources content encompasses all curriculum supportive material to help educational institutions and training providers achieve their goals.

CWB Learning Resources provides a modern learning experience that incorporates the best in online learning, student engagement, printed and digital resources- all while meeting global accessibility standards.

Online Lessons and Exams

Leveraging our subject matter expertise and knowledge of welding, these online lessons reinforce the key concepts that learners need to understand in an interactive way.

Instructor Videos

Instructional videos embedded into the online learning environment support classroom, virtual, and hybrid delivery course delivery. Supporting practical competencies and key understandings, these videos make the lessons from our world-class instructors available to students and teachers at any time.

Content Design

Our printed and digital material has been designed to provide the best possible learning experience. Easy-to-read text, clean layouts, detailed technical illustrations, comprehensive WPDS and searchable Tables of Contents provide a turn-key solution for any program. Additionally, content has been designed to meet the learning outcomes at both a national and provincial/state level to ensure educators and learners have the exact content needed to fit their program needs.


The CWB Learning Resources team understands the diverse needs of learners, which is why we created content that meets international accessibility standards.

Purchasing Options

CWB Learning Resources was created to support the welding industry with world-class content at an affordable price. Please visit our course catalogue for a list of Education courses and our course materials page to purchase textbooks and online content individually or for your school.