CWB Consulting

Delivering Solutions for improving Welding Performance

CWB Consulting is a welding engineering and technical group of experts, sharing its knowledge and training to support you in achieving your goals of welding performance.聽 Our optimized solutions are in full conformance with recognized welding codes from CSA, AWS, ASME, etc.聽 As an industrial leader, CWB Consulting will provide our clients with technical skills and targeted solutions in a timely, cost effective manner.聽

CWB Consulting draws upon process expertise to optimize your productivity, improve the quality of your products and reduce operating costs. We are the partner you are looking for to achieve the competitive edge you want.聽

Our customers range from small mobile operations to part suppliers to the automotive industry, to large manufacturing plants. Our services are designed to support you, whether you are making widgets, bridges, car parts or repairing equipment or structures.聽

  • Fabrication of structures (buildings, bridges, stairs)
  • Repair of structures (aerial devices, ships, heavy equipment, bridges)
  • Pressure vessels (fabrication, as well as repair and alteration)
  • Automotive component fabrication
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Power generation
  • Material processing industry
  • Offshore structures
  • Specialty applications such as hard-facing and low-temperature service

CWB Consulting Services

Automotive Welding Qualification is a must-have for all technicians that repair and weld vehicles in your collision repair facility. To achieve the highest quality repair, utilize best practices, and ensure vehicles are properly and safely repaired, choose the CWB Automotive Repair Welding Qualification program for your team.

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The current requirements of CSA welding certification standards permit welding fabricators to retain welding engineer(s) on a part time basis. CWB Consulting is committed to sharing its knowledge and training to support you in achieving your goals of welding performance.

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