Z662 For Welding Supervisors and Inspectors

Course Overview

This course will familiarize Welding Supervisors and Inspectors with the correct inspection requirements for oil and gas transmission pipelines, processing piping and related steel structures. At a general level, the course will cover key topics relating to the scope of the standard with respect to welding and inspection, use of applicable tables and charts to determine correct inspection methods, and the correct fit-up and inspection of critical welded components as they relate to to the safe operation of oil and gas related piping and structures. Specifically, students will gain knowledge of, and be tested on, key topics.

Key Topics in this course:

  1. Scope
    • Scope of the standard and exclusions. Review of scope diagrams
  2. Reference Publications: review
  3. Definitions: review key definitions
  4. Design: review of general design requirements
  5. Materials
    • Use and reuse of materials for steel pipe and components
    • Design temperatures and notch toughness requirements
  6. Installation
    • Requirements for new and replacement installations
    • Alignment, welding and repair
    • Inspection of pipe and components
  7. Joining
    • General requirements for joining pipes, components and non-pressure retaining attachments.
    • General arc and gas welding requirements
    • Welding procedure specifications and P-numbers
    • Joint configurations and preparation.
    • Welding details for connections
    • Filler materials
    • Qualification of welding procedure specifications and essential variables
    • Testing requirements for qualification of welding procedure specifications and welders
    • Testing methods and acceptance criteria
    • Thickness ranges qualified
    • Imperfections and acceptance criteria
    • Repair procedures
    • Radiography requirements
  8. Pressure Testing: General requirements
  9. Corrosion: General requirements
  10. Operating, Maintenance and Upgrading
    • Piping replacements, repair sleeves and maintenance requirements
    • Repair methods
  11. Oilfield Steam Distribution Pipelines: General
  12. Aluminum Piping: General
  13. Sour Service
    • Definition, cracking and materials

Additionally, this course may be useful for students preparing for formal code endorsement and inspection qualifications. If you are already certified to the CSA W178.2 Standard, you can use this course to refresh your understanding of the current W178.2 code, or prepare for examination on additional endorsements.

Students must bring a current copy of the Z662 standard to the course.

Upon completion of the course all students will receive a Certificate of Attendance. The certification/code exams are not included in the 1 day course.

Upcoming Classes

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Z662 For Welding Supervisors and Inspectors March 3, 2025 Calgary 鈥 Boilermakers 146 $579.00